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Get durability and versatility for your home with fiber cement.


Do you need new siding?

If you need new siding, fiber cement may be the right option for your home. This unique product can replicate the appearance of other traditional materials while offering extended longevity!

Many of our clients have new siding on their home improvement list but don’t know what type to choose. An excellent siding option growing in popularity is Fiber Cement – thanks to the benefits it offers over traditional wood siding or vinyl siding options.

CCI is a trusted fiber cement siding contractor and offers high-quality fiber cement siding installation in the Northern Virginia area and beyond. And we’re happy to discuss your home improvement options if you’re ready to upgrade your siding. We help homeowners select the best options and styles to improve the look and functionality of their siding.

Where is the best place to start? We recommend beginning with the look you want to achieve. This determines the type of siding that we will use. Next, we’ll get started with our expert contractors to complete your project, offering a quality installation that will protect you for the future.

Curious about fiber cement siding installation? Or want to discuss your project but don’t know what siding type you need? We’re here to help. We can answer your questions about installation, James Hardie products, maintenance, and more!

Call us today at 1-855-248-7543 or contact us online for free estimate. We offer free inspections in Chantilly, Haymarket, Manassas, and nearby areas.


What is Fiber Cement Siding?

First things first.

It’s a material that’s made of a few different things, including sand, cellulose fibers, and, as you might guess, cement. This material forms a durable product and creates a quality home siding material that often lasts longer than wood siding or other popular choices.

This product is heavier than many traditional siding materials. But the benefits make it worthwhile! One of the most popular manufacturers today is James Hardie. At CCI, we only work with the best siding manufacturers for your project.

Benefits of fiber cement siding installation

Curious about the benefits for your home? We’ve listed them below:

  • Versatility: One of the best parts is that it can be made to replicate other materials, including wood siding and shingles, delivering a unique look for your home.
  • Durability: This product is much stronger and longer-lasting than the materials it replicates. It also holds up better against severe weather and fire that may otherwise damage your home.
  • Design Options: It can be easily painted any color you desire, often before installation. It will need to be repainted over time, but this option means you can get a true custom design and style for your project.
  • Affordability: The type of siding is the perfect middle ground of affordability and durability, giving you a long-lasting option for your project without breaking the bank.

Upgrade the siding in your home today and Save

If you’re interested in completing a siding project for your home, fiber cement siding from CCI could be the best option for you. As your local siding installation experts, we’ll work together to find the perfect style and design for your home, along with a quality installation.

Call us today to get started.

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Siding Installation Process

wanna know more about fiber cement siding?

We’re breaking down the process and letting you in on how it works.

If you’re thinking about completing a siding installation project and want to learn more about fiber cement, it’s best to start with fiber cement siding contractors. These contractors may offer other services like roofing and design, but they should be familiar with proper siding installation. They should also use quality products for your home, like those from James Hardie and other manufacturers.

Schedule Onsite Inspection With Your Local Fiber Cement Siding Experts

What’s the best first step? Schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. This is where the contractors come to your home and discuss the job with you. One of the important parts of the home visit is the opportunity for you to ask questions about the project – like what type of siding is best, what to expect for material costs, and what type of maintenance will be required. At CCI, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation inspection, and estimate, but another contractor may not. Ask first before they show up at your door to avoid any unexpected surprises.

You can find siding specialists by doing a zip code search online or asking for referrals to contractors from people you trust. Before choosing a contractor to work with for your project, make sure you take time to research their reputation, reviews, and history. One good place to do this is the Better Business Bureau.

A siding project can be a big investment and you want a contractor that will provide exceptional service, expert installation, and ongoing support throughout the project. Take your time to find someone you trust with a solid reputation in the community.

Get Professional & Fair Roof Repair Estimate

After the onsite inspection, you will get an estimate from the contractor you chose (or multiple contractors). This estimate will include the siding type you chose and products, like James Hardie materials vs. other manufacturers. You can compare those quotes with a general cost calculator that can help you determine the cost of average siding options by city or zip code. Are these calculators perfect? No, but they may help you understand general siding costs and be useful when asking your contractor questions.

Next, after a contract is signed, the CCI process includes a pre-construction meeting. We want to make sure we address any concerns about the project during this meeting, including how to ensure we protect your landscape, personal property, and more. At CCI, it is important that you feel comfortable with our service professionals every step of the way, so we’ve developed homeowner resources that involve best practices based on our experience serving customers.

We understand that communication and customer satisfaction are synonymous since it is virtually impossible to have one without the other, so the next step of our process is to prepare for the arrival of our crews. We call the day before construction starts to let you know that the project manager – and his or her crew – will be there the next morning. This helps you prepare as well – by moving any potential cars that might be blocked in or bringing in any personal items you don’t want to be left out during construction.

Siding Installation Begins

Once our project manager checks in the next morning, it’s time to get to work! During the project, your safety is of utmost concern. Precautions will be taken for decks, landscaping, surrounding areas. Our intention is to encourage anyone not associated with our expert team to stay at a safe distance from tools and materials. This also helps us maintain a clean job site during the process.

Post-construction is when we meet again to make sure we’ve completed all the work, and you are happy with the finished product. We don’t want to leave anything undone or any questions unanswered. If we did, we wouldn’t have so many happy customers!

Once the project is complete, you will keep our contact information in case you have any concerns or questions after we clean up and leave the site. Your project length will depend on the scope, so knowing that you have access to our team after we leave can help provide reassurance that you’ll be well taken care of.

Local Siding Contractor

If you still have questions about our process, our team, or how to start a project, schedule a free inspection! We’d love to serve you.


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