Commercial TPO Roofing in Northern Virginia

Are you looking for a cost-effective and efficient commercial roofing solution?

If you are looking for ways to save money in your business, you’re not alone. And there’s one method you may not have considered yet, and that is TPO roofing.

When you have the right type of roofing on your building, you can save money in areas you didn’t expect. For that reason, you may want to learn more about TPO roofing installation when you need a roof repair or installation.

What is TPO roofing?

TPO roofing stands for Thermoplastic-polyolefin roofing. It may sound complex, but once you understand it, you can see why it’s one of the fastest-growing choices for commercial property owners.

A TPO roof is made up of a single-ply membrane. These TPO membranes are made from rubber or similar synthetic materials. As a result, the single-ply membrane is often applied to a flat roof, creating a strong protective layer to protect against ozoneultraviolet rays, and chemical exposure.

TPO roofing membrane under construction

Unlike traditional commercial roofing system, a membrane roof like TPO roofing systems can be installed multiple ways, offers a high level of protection, and improves energy efficiency. A TPO roof also comes in more than one color. So instead of heat-attracting black, the TPO membrane that becomes your single ply roofing can be white to reflect UV rays and offer additional insulation from extreme weather. While TPO membranes are flexible by nature, they’re also highly durable and therefore offers great resistance against wear and teardebris, algae, and dirt.

Are you interested in learning more about TPO roofing installation? Call today to learn more about our commercial roofing service in Fairfax, Chantilly, Haymarket, and beyond. To ask questions or start your free inspection on TPO roof installation or repair, call 703-754-9551. We can also help you with a roof inspection, siding, or repair if you need other commercial or residential roofing support.


Benefits of TPO Roofing

To understand the difference between TPO roofing and the alternatives, it’s best to start with TPO roofing benefits. You don’t have to watch a membrane roofing video, call every roofing contractor, or learn about things like roof penetrations, polyolefin techniques, EPDM, PVC and scrim to get started on your flat roofing project.

Instead, we help our homeowners and building owner customers make informed decisions by explaining the benefits of single ply roofing and the return they may get on their new roof investment.

  • TPO membrane roof is one that is long-lasting and exceptionally durable
  • TPO flat roofs are environmentally friendly
  • TPO membrane is extremely waterproof
  • TPO roof and roofing materials are easy to maintain or repair
  • TPO roofs have reflective properties and can reduce energy costs
  • TPO roofing made from ethylene propylene rubberbonding adhesive, and other roofing materials is less expensive than alternatives

TPO roofing materials vs. traditional materials

Unlike your existing roofing materials, TPO single-ply roofing material is designed with reflective properties that combat harsh UV rays. This limits the exterior heat and hot air that can come into your building, which lowers your need to use more a/c. That is one way that choosing a single-ply membrane roofing installation can decrease your operating costs.

TPO roofing is also environmentally friendly. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and ethylene propylene (or EPDM) are both recyclable materials. When a traditional roofing system is replaced, it will often be taken to a landfill and dumped, rather than recycled. Alternatively, new roofs may be installed over old shingles, but this can – over time – increase the weight burden on the property as the layers increase.

The roofing industry is increasingly moving towards environmentally friendly options as new roofing material (like membrane roofs) become available and popular. Not only is a single-ply roofing/TPO roofing system more beneficial for the customer, but it is also one more way we can be responsible for our environment.

Another benefit of TPO roofing is the longevity it can provide. Thanks to the materials that comprise TPO roofing, you can expect your new roof to be heat, mold, and generally weather-resistant when installed by a professional team. Some options allow a TPO roof to be fire resistant too. That means that with an expert team (that correctly installs and connects the seams of your TPO roof), you can expect to have your new roof for up to thirty years.

TPO roofing residential example

If roofing system costs are important, then TPO roofing may be a good option. Per sq ft, the price for TPO roofing material is typically lower than alternatives like PVC roofing. However, your contractor’s installation cost may vary and depend on how many sheets are needed, how the roof is mechanically attached, the number of seams, etc. It’s always important to make sure you understand the full roof costs and benefits of TPO roofs before making any decisions.

Before beginning a commercial roofing project, whether traditional or single-ply membrane roofing, start with an expert in the roofing industry. TPO roof installation by unqualified contractors can lead to unnecessary mistakes. From roof leaks that occur when seams are installed wrong to a lack of understanding of mechanically attached roof details during installation. TPO roofing installation requires an expert in singly ply roofing and roofing systems to avoid damage and frustration.

Tips to Find a Qualified Roofing Company in Your Area

When you need help with an existing roof, it’s hard to know which roofing company to trust. That’s why we believe in offering a free inspection to help you get started. You can meet our roofers and ask questions about our process before you begin any project. A commercial roof can be a big investment and it’s important to be able to navigate the process with a trusted partner (which will also keep you happy post navigation)!

In addition, we recommend a few things to help you choose the best contractor for your commercial roof project. First, look for a contractor experienced in TPO roofs. You should be able to ask questions about single-ply sheets, EPDMinsulation, rubber roofing membranes and more and get an educated response. Or, better yet, have a partner that can answer questions and help educate you in those areas as you consider TPO installation.

Often, it’s easiest to start your search for a TPO roof expert online. Google makes it easy to find a roofer in your area and compile a quick list of companies to start with. From there, look for online reviews about the roofers you’ve chosen. You can begin with the Better Business Bureau or with independent reviews like those found on Angie’s List, Google and Yelp.

Colonial contracting Inc roofing company

Next, look for a well-rounded roofer that’s been in business for a while in your area. You may find that you end up with a range of quotes before you begin your project, so it can be difficult to choose on price alone. A low bid may seem like a great idea on the surface, but there are multiple layers to consider before making any decisions. The cheapest contractor may be the one that has caused damage during roofing applications or disappears after signing a contract. Do your research and read actual reviews so you can consider the information you can find there against price.

With an experienced business, like CCI, you can trust that the company will use the best products from the right manufacturer with extended warranty on their material. A membrane roof is a great asset from the right manufacturer when installed correctly. Don’t go with the contractor in the cheapest range only to learn they’re not an expert in membrane roofing after all.

CCI has been serving our customers for more than 25 years and we are experts when it comes to TPO roofs, seams, materials and more. We’re happy to work with you to share the tips we’ve learned along the way and answer any questions you may have – before we get to work.

Call for a free TPO installation inspection today

CCI is your local expert. We can help you with commercial roofing installation and repair needs, including TPO roofing and more. We’ve been around since 1997 and we have an expert team that will do the job right. We also understand that an investment in your commercial roof is a big investment. And we’ll do our best to maximize your money, choosing the right manufacturer, products and completing your installation professionally to ensure long term value from your roof.

Ready to get started? You can contact our team today at 703-754-9551 and get your free inspection. We proudly serve Haymarket, Chantilly, and surrounding areas in Virginia.


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