Roof Vent Installation & Repair

Most homeowners worry about their roofs keeping the interior dry, so they forget about roof ventilation. However, a well-ventilated roof is a necessity for any property.

Colonial Contracting, Inc. installs and repairs roof vents to ensure proper airflow and a longer roof life span. We’re Northern Virginia’s expert contractors for commercial and residential roofing services, including roof replacement, repair, ventilation, and more.

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How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

In the summertime, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air in the attic to escape, reducing the demand on your air conditioning system.

In the winter, ventilation and good attic insulation keep the roof surface cold to prevent snow from melting on the roof because it can refreeze to form ice dams along the eaves.

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Roof Vent Installation & Repair

When it comes to installing, replacing, or repairing roof vents, you need experienced roofing professionals for the job.

Installation mistakes can result in air or moisture leaks and building code violations that can put your home at risk. Poor repairs can lead to recurring issues and excess costs.

When you need roof vent services in Northern Virginia, trust Colonial Contracting, Inc. for a seamless, hassle-free installation or repair process.

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Types of Roof Vents

There are different types of roof vents and different strategies for achieving effective roof ventilation:

Ridge Vents

vent ridge smRidge vents are exhaust vents that are installed along the roof peak. They’re a passive roof ventilation system, meaning they’re not powered by electricity.

Hot air that accumulates inside the attic rises by convection. The warmest air in the attic rises naturally to the roof peak and escapes outside through the ridge vents.

Ridge vents aren’t always easy to see because the openings for a ridge vent are the continuous space on either side of the ridge cap. On an asphalt shingle roof, they’re usually covered by a layer of shingles.

Soffit Vents

vent soffit smAs ridge vents release warm inside air, fresh outside air is simultaneously drawn into the attic through soffit vents.

Soffit vents are passive intake vents that run parallel to the eaves along the soffit. They work with ridge and gable vents to promote good roof ventilation.

Soffit vents are installed along the eaves of the roof and are usually in the form of grilles that run the length of each soffit. Soffit vents may run continuously under eaves. Rectangular or circular vents may be installed in soffits where a continuous strip-type vent was omitted.

Gable Vents

Gable roof vent on a houseGable vents are installed near the peak of a gable end. If attic airflow is insufficient, your roofer may recommend a gable vent in addition to ridge and soffit vents.

Depending on the breeze and temperature conditions, they can function as exhaust vents that allow hot air to leave the attic or intake vents that allow fresh air to enter, depending on prevailing breezes and temperature conditions.

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Request Roof Ventilation Services From CCI

If your roof isn’t well-ventilated, ask a roofing contractor about improving roof ventilation with ridge, soffit, or gable vents. All of these roof vents can be installed on an existing roof or when your roofing is replaced.

The contractors at Colonial Contracting, Inc. will help you choose the right type of roof vents for your home for proper installation or repair your existing roof vents.

Our professional roofing services are available throughout Northern Virginia, including Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas, and surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Icicles and ice dams forming at the edges of your roof
  • High utility bills, discomfort, or HVAC breakdowns from excess use
  • Hot or cold spots in your home
  • Mold and mildew on or under your roof
  • Reduced energy costs: Roof ventilation keeps your space comfortable, so you don’t have to rely as heavily on your HVAC systems.
  • Maximized roof life span: You can prevent some of the most common causes of roofing damage with a well-ventilated roof, including ice dams, heat retention, and moisture buildup.
  • Better home health: Combat mold and mildew from poor ventilation to keep your roof in good condition and promote a healthy indoor environment.  

Most roofs rely on natural or passive roof ventilation. However, the design of your roof and other factors specific to your property can inhibit natural airflow, meaning it needs mechanical assistance.

Your roofing contractor can inspect your roof and recommend natural or mechanical ventilation.

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