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Your property is a point of pride, with appearance and safety being top priorities. However, Hamilton’s tumultuous weather can easily cause damage to your roof and exterior, while wear and tear cause issues over time. When you need to roofing or exterior repairs or replacements, turn to Colonial Contracting, Inc. Our company has been an industry leader in Virginia since 1997, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide your home with the roofing and exterior replacements it deserves. Call us at (703) 754-9551 to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection in Hamilton today.

Roof Replacement for Hamilton Homes & Businesses

Whether the roofing on your property is weakening from age or has suffered acute damage, a roof replacement from Colonial Contracting, Inc. is the best way to ensure lasting defense against storms. We begin our streamlined process by performing a rigorous roof inspection that will identify the damage and restoration required. If your roof was damaged by a storm, you can then file your insurance claim, and we will replace the roof once the claim has been processed. Colonial Contracting, Inc. works with multiple types of high-quality roofing., including:
  • Asphalt shingle roofing: Durable protection for your roof in a wide variety of colors and styles with a long life span.
  • Metal roofing: Energy efficiency, simple installation, and good looks come together in metal roofing.
  • Tile roofing: Choose a unique look combined with high resistance to the elements.
  • Flat roofing: A roof without a slope allows commercial buildings to have HVAC systems on top.
  • TPO roofing: Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing wraps the roof in a single-ply rubber or other synthetic membrane.
  • Built-up roofing: Made of alternating layers of asphalt and other materials, built-up roofing is the most reliable option and a long-lasting roofing solution for commercial buildings.
Call (703) 754-9551 today to schedule a free, no-obligation roofing inspection for your Hamilton home or business.

Emergency Roof Repair

Hamilton’s weather cycles can result in storm conditions and hail that damage roofs. Any type of roof damage poses a threat to safety, and emergency attention is required to prevent further structural damage to the property overall. Colonial Contracting, Inc. can send out a team to apply a tarp to your roof to stop the damage from worsening while your insurance company processes your claim. Call us at (703) 754-9551 to request emergency roof repair for your property.

Siding Replacement & Repair in Hamilton

The same weather that can damage your roof can wreak havoc on your siding, leading to unsafe conditions like mold and further exposure to the elements. Colonial Contracting, Inc. can replace or repair siding in these materials: Schedule a free siding inspection in Hamilton by calling (703) 754-9551 today.

Gutter Replacement & Repair

If age or damage requires you to replace your roof, you likely need new gutters as well. Colonial Contracting, Inc. can replace your gutters at the same time we replace your roof, with the following options available.
  • Aluminum gutters: Cost-effective and low-maintenance, seamless aluminum gutters are a classic option.
  • Copper gutters: When you need outstanding style and unmatched durability, copper is the way to go.
  • Gutter guards: Reduce maintenance and improve life span with gutter guards that prevent foreign materials from entering your gutters.
Having gutter services done at the same time as your roof replacement or repair will help condense labor costs and ensure the systems work together properly. Call us at (703) 754-9551 to request gutter services added to your Hamilton roofing project.  

Window & Door Replacement

Upgrading your doors or replacing your windows is a good way to improve security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal all at once. Colonial Contracting, Inc. installs: We’re ready to help you choose the most high-impact replacement doors and windows for your Hamilton building.

Why Choose CCI?

Colonial Contracting, Inc. has delivered uncompromising quality, value, and service since 1997. With attention to detail and a dedication to the customer experience, we’ve retained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With financing options and a 10-year limited warranty, we make it easy to get the roof and siding work you need done fast. To schedule a free, no-obligation inspection in Hamilton, call us today at (703) 754-9551.

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