Step outside, and you’ll notice a crispness in the air that can only mean one thing. Summer has passed, and fall is officially here. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, and the busy holiday season is rapidly approaching! In addition to switching into a warmer wardrobe, now is the perfect time to prepare your home for these seasonal changes.  

Why Gutter Maintenance? 

Gutters offer a layer of protection for your home by controlling the flow of rainwater. Properly functioning gutters keep everything from your roof and walls to your foundation and property safe. But they need to be correctly maintained to do their job. We recommend semi-annual cleanings to ensure optimal operation. The first cleaning should be in spring, and the second should be in (you guessed it) the fall months.

Homeowners can often overlook gutters, especially if they seem to be functioning normally and moving water away from the property. But an inspection in the fall ensures your gutters are in good shape and ready to protect your property into the colder months. By cleaning out any debris from summer storms and fall leaves, you’ll be able to identify and fix any issues well in advance of a problem. 

Here are the top three reasons to schedule your gutter cleaning today.

1. Clogged gutters can cause foundation problems. 

If your gutters aren’t diverting water away from your property correctly, it can begin to pool around your home. These areas can cause significant issues at the base of your home because the water can start to creep into your foundation slowly. Foundational problems and basement flooding can be difficult to repair, so ensuring proper drainage today is worth the investment. 

2. Leaves can collect and create gutter clogs. 

Watching the leaves fall from the trees can be beautiful, but to gutters, it can mean clogs. Even with covers, leaves can make their way into your gutters and, if left unchecked, slow down the water flow. Over time, the leaves gather together and get wet, adding unnecessary weight and clogs, in addition to potential fascia damage. Removing leaves during and after the fall season is a simple way to prevent significant damage. 

3. Winter months can add to stress to gutters. 

Cold winter months bring with them heavy winds, ice, snow, and more. All of these elements weigh on your gutters, and if they’re not in good shape before the storms hit, they can be easily damaged or broken. By taking the time to remove any leaves or clogs this fall, you’ll be preparing your gutters for the cold season that is just around the corner.

In addition to the benefits listed above, a semi-annual gutter cleaning ensures regular inspection of your gutter system. Significant problems can often be avoided when repairs are made early. 

Not sure if your gutters are in tip-top shape? Below are just a few signs that you may need to schedule a repair this fall. 

– If you’ve noticed sagging or areas where your gutters seem to be pulling away from your roofline, it could be a sign that they are no longer draining properly. 

– Water spots underneath your gutters (on a dry day) can be a sign of past leaking or overflows. This can be caused by a clog or be an indication of damage that needs to be repaired. 

– Notice any pools of water or signs of mold near your foundation? This is likely caused by a problem or defect of your gutters and downspouts. 

By taking the time to clean and inspect your gutters this fall, you can ensure they will be in working order to protect your home in the months ahead.

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