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How Often Should You Get Your Roof Inspected?

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself if you should replace your roof after hail damage or other powerful storms. We’re here to help answer that question and walk you through what to do if you’ve sustained roof hail to your shingles, tiles, or more.

A roof is your first line of defense to protect your home’s interior and belongings, so chances are it took a beating during the storm, whether there was penny or golf ball-sized hail. But not all hail damage requires a complete roof installation, and identifying the level of damage can be hard to spot without a professional inspection.

Before placing a call to your insurance company and starting the process for a roof repair or new roof installation, here are a few steps homeowners can take first:

How do I know if I need a roof replacement after hail damage?

Not sure if you should start a claim with your insurance, call a roofing contractor, or get started on a roof replacement? We’re here to help. Below are the steps to take after a hailstorm, starting with number one, assessing the damage:

Assess the hail damage.

While not all hail damage can be easy to spot, there are tell-tale signs to look for if you suspect you have damaged roof. When assessing hail damage, always stay on the ground. Homeowners may want to inspect their roofs and shingles up close, but this can be dangerous and unsafe. After hail damage, roof inspection should only be completed by an expert with the proper safety equipment and expertise to avoid hazardous situations.

What does hail damage look like from the ground? Look for dents, missing shingles or granules, and any areas that appear to be dimpled. Dimples may be especially obvious if you have a metal roof versus shingles.

You may also notice asphalt shingles that are torn or curled from the high winds and rain that often accompany a hail storm. Do you see shingles in your front yard or granules from shingles on the porch? These are more signs that your asphalt shingles may have sustained damage.

Next, look for damage to your flashing, roof vents, skylights, and siding. A good rule of thumb is that if you see damage to flashing or any one of the other items listed above, you likely have some roof damage. If these damages are left worsen, they can lead to further damage to the underlayment and roof decking.

Call a professional

Some homeowners are unsure whether to call their insurance company first or a professional roofing contractor. While both are important calls, you may want to contact a professional for a free roofing inspection before involving insurance companies. If no damage is identified to your shingles or other roofing materials, then there is no need for an insurance claim on your record.

Most professional roofing contractors offer a free inspection with no obligation. This inspection is important because you want to get a comprehensive assessment of your roof and any potential roof damage regardless of whether you file a claim with your insurance provider or replace your roof.

It’s also essential that you choose and call a professional roofing contractor yourself. Don’t fall victim to contractors that often canvas the neighborhoods after a storm, offering repairs and replacements. These companies are not reputable and usually disappear as fast as they show up. Make sure you call a professional roofing company that is well established in your area to assess any small or severe damage to your roof. Never agree to work with a roofer that is knocking on your door without first verifying the company. And never sign over your insurance policy benefits or rights just because you feel pressured to get started as soon as possible.

Not sure where to start when looking for roofing services? The easiest place is often online. A quick Google search for “professional roofers in my area” will help you identify a few top candidates. The next step is to look at reviews from other customers who used the company for roof repairs or new roof installation. You should also look at the company’s website to see how to handle storm damage, wind damage, roof leaks, and more.

Any professional company should have a solid online presence with good reviews and information about its process. You can also check third-party sites like the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or concerns about the business.

At CCI, we’ve been serving our community since 1997. We live and work here, so it’s easy to validate who we are and our strong community reputation. You can also quickly find our reviews and high standing with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure you verify all of these things with any roofing contractor you are considering – or that comes recommended from your insurance company.

Get an inspection

Are you asking yourself, “should I replace the roof after hail damage?” The answer is – it depends. And the first step is to get a professional roofing company on-site to complete a full home inspection. They can help you know if you need to install a roof after hail or just make some repairs.

Once you request an inspection from a reputable roofing company, their roof inspectors will set up a time to assess your property damage. Homeowners can meet with the inspector and ask any questions while the contractor is on site. Once finished, the roofing company can give you a comprehensive overview of the condition of your roof, any damages, and any necessary repairs. Roof inspections can also tell you if you need a complete roof installation.

If you have sustained significant damage and are at risk of leaks or problems before you can complete a full roof replacement, the roofing company can help you protect your belongings with some temporary support. This may include adding protective tarps or coverings. You don’t want to let minor issues become big problems by letting them go too long – or unchecked. An inspection is an essential part of protecting your home and belongings.

Once you know what you’re dealing with – and have recommendations for a roof repair or roof replacement, the next step is to contact your insurance company and talk to an insurance claims adjuster.

File an insurance claim

Many of our customers want to know if homeowners insurance covers hail damage to roofs. And the answer is typically yes! That’s the good news. Insurance companies usually cover roof hail damage and other events known as “acts of God.” And, most states protect you from any homeowners insurance premium increase after a claim related to an act of God. So it’s never a good idea to avoid filing a roof insurance claim if you sustained real hail damage just because you think it might increase your insurance premiums.

Most often, the only time it doesn’t make sense to file hail damage insurance claims is when the cost of repairs is less than the deductible you have with your insurance provider. For example, let’s say you have damage to your roof from hail, but it will only cost about $500 to fix the problem. Before you file a claim, make sure that your deductible is not more than $500. Replacing a few shingles is likely worth it to pay out of pocket rather than start a claim with your insurance company.

If you do have significant roof hail damage, then it’s time to contact the insurance provider for your home. Insurance claims are easy to start and simply require you to contact your insurance company. From there, most homeowners insurance sends out a claims adjuster to meet with you and conduct a review of the roof hail damage.

If your insurance adjuster approves your claim, then it’s time to make repairs to your property. During the roof insurance claims process, your roofer will work closely with your adjuster. And you can typically work with the roofing contractor that completed your free inspection, with approval from your roof insurance company.

Repair or replace your roof.

We’ve reached the step where you can begin to repair the damage to your property. While insurance claims take some time, most insurance companies want to help you restore your home roof, shingles, etc., as soon as possible. This protects you as the homeowner, the insurance company, and your mortgage company. No one wants to see delays that allow for more damage to occur.

Roofing contractors will arrive on-site once approved and get to work on repairing or replacing things like shingles, flashing, and the roof if necessary. 

At CCI, we work directly with our customer’s insurance throughout the claims process to ensure that your home is properly restored. We work with asphalt roofs, metal roofs, and more to repair your home after a hail storm. And we communicate with our customers throughout the process to ensure they know what’s going on and how the repairs or replacement is coming.

After storms, you, your family, and your neighbors that sustained hail damage deserve quality repairs. Trust a local expert with your home to repair any damage to your shingles, roofs, and home.

CCI is your trust roofing contractor.

CCI has been serving your local area since 1997. We work with customers who have metal, tile, asphalt roof hail damage, and more. If you are asking the question, “how do I repair or replace my roof,” we can help. 

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation inspection for hail damage to shingles and other roofing materials. And we work extensively with insurance companies throughout the claims process for hail and more.

Click here to book your free consultation with our team and get started today.

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