Aluminum k-style gutter and downspout on a home

Wondering why gutters matter so much? Curious about what exactly a downspout is? While these may not seem like the most important parts of your home, they actually play a large role in the upkeep and maintenance of your home’s roof, exterior, and landscaping. Our experts at Colonial Contracting have put together this guide to help highlight the importance of gutters and downspouts. After all, if you don’t understand the purpose of your gutters, it might be hard to appreciate why you need to take care of them, repair them, clean them, and replace them when they get old.

What Are Gutters & Downspouts?

Gutters and downspouts refer to two parts of the same system of pipes used to guide water from the roof of your home to a safe destination. Gutters refer to the troughs along the edge of your roof that catch water, while downspouts are the vertical pipes those gutters connect to that carry the water from your roof and direct it to the ground away from your home.

Gutters work by having a slight tilt toward the corner of your house where the downspout is located, making sure water flows in the correct direction instead of overflowing and leaking down the sides of your house.

Reasons You Need Gutters & Downspouts

So, we know gutters exist to get water to the ground safely, but why is that important? Without gutters and downspouts, rain would fall directly down the side of your home, which can lead to a number of problems. By having gutters and downspouts installed, you can avoid issues such as:


The most immediate problem a home without gutters will face is erosion where the water lands. Without gutters, rainwater can accumulate and will land with more force than mere raindrops coming off of your roof. This will wear down your home’s exterior over time and also lead to a muddy line along the base of its walls that is damaging to your home’s foundation.

Flooding & Pooling

Once the water falls and does its damage, it might not leave depending on the grading of your lawn. Downspouts can carry water far away from your home so that the water is directed properly to a drainage ditch or sewer. Without this, it’s common for water to linger near your home, creating puddles in your lawn, a moat around your home, or pushing its way into your basement or foundation. Even a sump pump can be overwhelmed if your gutter system isn’t working correctly to keep water pressure manageable around your home.

Mold & Mildew

Heavy amounts of moisture around your home can be a problem for other reasons, too. Water falling off your roof often coats and spatters against your siding, which makes it much more likely that you’ll end up with a mold and mildew problem on or even under your siding. The increased moisture can also leak into your basement in small amounts, leading to mold growth indoors as well.

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If you have trouble with your gutters and downspouts in Northern Virginia or have problems with mold or flooding due to issues with gutter design, the team at Colonial Contracting, Inc. can help. We’re a premier provider of roofing services, siding services, and gutter services in the region, combining excellence in design, installation, service, and integrity for a total package of home improvement and upkeep.

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