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How Much Does it Cost To Replace a Roof?

how much to replace a roof

Ah, roof replacement. If you’re like most homeowners, being in the market for a new roof isn’t something you look forward to. In fact, it’s often a cause of concern and stress. The need for a new roof usually occurs because the roof has suffered damage, or has outlived its useful life. Either way, needing a new roof leads to a quick Google search and the words, “how much to replace a roof,” or “the average cost per square foot for a new roof.”

At CCI, we understand the stress of roof replacement. But regardless of why you need one, we’re here to make the how as easy as possible. Our expert team has helped hundreds of customers in your area since 1997. And we’re unpacking roof replacement costs and payment options so you can get the roofing materials you need installed as soon as possible from a team you can trust.

First things first – how do you know when you need a roof replacement?

There are a couple of main reasons you may need to replace your old roof. The first is that your roofing material has outlived its useful life. Whether you have asphalt shingles, metal roofing materials, or anything in between, an old roof can become a roof that needs replacement. Some common signs of trouble on a shingle roof are when shingles become discolored, faded, or loose. Missing granules may also mean it’s time for a new asphalt shingle roof. A metal roof may show its age by becoming discolored as well. Rusty and corroded panels can mean a roof repair is imminent. The same is true if you’re experiencing leaks or problems inside your home that signal your roof is in trouble.

How Long Do Roofs Last?

In addition to exterior signs, your roof may need replacement once it reaches a certain age. If your roof is looking good but has been in place more than 20 years (for a shingle roof) or 30 years (for metal roofing), it’s definitely time for an inspection.

What About Damage From Severe Weather?

Another reason for a roof replacement is after a major storm or weather event. Things like heavy rainfall, hail, and winds can cause significant damage to roofing materials. Your roof is the first line of defense for these types of storms, so inspection is essential if you survived a major event. The same is true for tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards that often damage roofing material as they pass through.

Can I Use My Insurance to Cover the Cost of a New Roof?

The good news is that when an act of God damages your roof, the cost to replace your roof may be covered by your homeowners insurance. Don’t wait too long to request an inspection after you suspect damage. You want to be sure that you get the coverage through your insurance whenever possible to help cover the roof replacement costs.

Average Cost To Replace A Roof

A full roof replacement is rarely something the average homeowner looks forward to. Not only is it a significant investment, but it’s also not like other improvements that can be readily enjoyed. Most families would rather upgrade a kitchen or add a new deck before spending money on roof repairs or a new shingle or metal roof. But one good thing about a roof replacement project is that it will protect your home for years to come – and it will increase your overall value. According to some experts, a new roof will elevate your home’s value by more than 60% of actual project costs. Increasing your home’s value means that a roof investment can give you protection today and provide some return when you sell your home in the future.

So, let’s talk about the average cost to replace a roof. Depending on what you read, you may see material costs and the roofing labor cost combined to estimate a new roof as low as $5,500 and as high as $30,000. That’s because roof costs vary greatly depending on a number of factors, which we’ll break down below.

Before we jump into more detail, if you want to get an idea of a new roof cost without using a roof cost calculator, we’ve got you covered. We see the average homeowners spending around $10,000 to replace a typical roof. Contact us for a free, no-cost, no-obligation inspection and estimate if you want to get an exact quote for your property.

What Factors Go Into the Average Roofing Prices?

If you’re asking what homeowners are spending on a new roofing system, the true answer is that it depends. A brand new roof for your neighbor might be a different cost than for you and your roof. Roofing costs vary because of many other factors beyond just the roof materials and house size. Keep reading to learn more about what things go into roof house costs.

Roofing Materials

This factor is relatively self-explanatory. A clay tile roof will cost substantially more than an installation that uses shingles like asphalt or slate roof. And with choices like concrete tile, architectural shingles, metal, and many more, the cost of materials plays a big part in your overall replacement cost. Roofing materials typically range from 40-50% of your overall roofing cost, so the type of materials you choose matters. If you’re not sure what’s best, the team at CCI can help you determine what options you have that will work well for your budget. 

Size of Your House

The size of your house is proportionate to the size of your roof. And, the larger the roof, the more materials, and labor time you will need to complete a roof installation. The cost to replace your roof may also go up if you want to add a shed or garage roof that may or may not be connected to your home.

Style of Your House

Why does the style of your roof matter? Because during the roof replacement process, your roofing contractor will need to scale your roof and make modifications to your install based on factors like skylights, chimneys and fireplaces, pitch, and more. It’s also critical that your roofing contractor follow proper safety precautions on a roof of any kind, which can be more substantial when on a high pitch, double story house versus a flat, farm-style home. While you may not get up on your roof very often, many of the existing elements come into play when replacing your old roof.

Your Existing Roof and Structure

The condition of your old roof typically plays a role in labor costs but can also drive up the cost of materials. For example, let’s say you decide to install a new roof with wood shake shingles. To do so, your roof needs to be prepped in a way that’s different than replacing your roof with asphalt shingles. Unlike wood shakes that need a clean surface, in some cases, asphalt shingles can be placed over old shingles. The price per square foot can also increase if your roofing structure is compromised and any components need to be rebuilt. A rotting roofing structure can be dangerous for your local contractor and their team, so the total cost may also include additional safety equipment to protect the crew.

Your Region and Weather Conditions

If you have completed any home improvement project, you likely know that weather plays a role in getting things done. This factor is especially true when it comes to a roofing project. That is why looking at a national average cost of a new roof is not always the most helpful. Installing a new roof in Florida during the middle of summer can create dangerous environmental factors, just like completing a roof in extremely cold temperatures in another region of the country. Local weather and conditions have to be accommodated for by local contractors to protect their team and the integrity of your project. Expect to pay more if your roof replacement will require special arrangements and materials to protect the roofing company and its team.

Roofing Contractor

The roofing contractor you choose may also play a role in the cost of your roofing project. Different roofing companies have different rates for labor, and while you might expect to pay a similar rate in your local area, it’s always worth checking with one or two companies you trust to get a quote. Most contractors include a cost per square foot for materials and labor. You may also see a price “per square” on a quote. The cost per square is simply a factor of 100. So if the cost for materials is $1, then the cost per square (not square foot) would be $100.

Roof Costs By Type

Now that we’ve covered the average costs in general and the factors that go into a roof replacement cost let’s jump into specific materials you may choose when replacing your roof. As you might imagine, roofing material plays a significant role in what you might expect to pay for a roofing job.

Metal Roof

Metal shingles or panels are more expensive than asphalt shingles and require a higher level of skill to install. Estimates put these materials around $12 per square foot, with the low end starting around $8.50 and the high end being around $16. This cost means that per square (or 100 feet), a typical cost to replace a standard-sized roof with a metal option is $18,000.

One of the great things about installing a metal roof is that it is not a high-maintenance choice. A metal roof is considered to be relatively maintenance-free, outside of any issues that may arise in between inspections. You’ll also find that metal roofs score great points for energy efficiency and can actually help lower your monthly electric bills over time.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

An asphalt roof comes in at a lower price than many alternatives, including the more expensive metal roof. On average, a roof replacement with asphalt shingles comes in at or below $10,000, including labor costs. That’s because the shingles themselves start at just $1 or $2 per square foot. The average roof size (residential) is around 1,700 square foot, so this roof material’s cost is definitely on the low side for an average roof square footage.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roof material choices in the U.S. Not only is the average roof replacement cost lower when choosing asphalt, it also is reliable. Asphalt comes in a wide range of colors and styles, it’s known to be energy efficient, and it gets good ratings for fire and wind resistance. One of the downsides compared to longer-lasting options, like metal, is its lifespan. A new shingle roof typically lasts no more than 20 years when installed correctly.

How to Find a Local Contractor

If you suspect that it’s time for a new roof, then it’s time to get a solid quote for your roof replacement cost. To find a local contractor, the best place to start is often online. There you can search for local options in your area. Replacing a roof of any kind requires a trusted expert who can do your job correctly.

Not sure where to start? Below are just a few ways you can ensure you have the right partner before you sign an agreement for your home!

Look for Experience

When looking for a partner to install or repair your roof, look for someone that has experience in your area. Often, roofing companies come into an area after a storm or weather event then disappear once repairs have been made. It can make working with them impossible if the install wasn’t done correctly or you have questions after the work is done. We recommend working with a company that has been in your area for many years and has a reputation of excellence. At CCI, our team has lived and worked in the community since 1997. So we value our reputation and the care we put into every job.

Look for Reviews

Thanks to Google and many online platforms, it’s easy to find reviews about a roofer you’re contacting. Look for feedback from people who’ve worked with the given company. Do they have positive or negative reviews about their experience, the roof cost, and the people? Our team is proud to have hundreds of positive reviews on Google, Home Advisor, and more. We also maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to us because we’re here to stay, and we care about providing exceptional service to our local community.

Proper Insurance and Licensing

Before you sign any contract, be sure to validate that the business has proper insurance and licensing. Both of these requirements will help protect you and your project.

Ask for a Free Roof Estimate

Most professional companies will provide a roof estimate before your project gets started. At CCI, you can request a free, no-cost, no-obligation inspection. Our expert team will inspect your existing roof and structure during that inspection. We’ll also take measurements so we can provide a total roof replacement cost, complete with a per square foot cost based on materials and your roof size and condition. We’ll explain any cost breaks and help you make the best decision for your budget, home, and desired material.

Financing Options

Depending on how you want to pay for your roof, we can also provide information on financing options or work with your homeowner’s insurance before and during the project.

What’s Next?

If you are ready to take the next step, the CCI team would love to be your trusted partner. Give us a call to discuss your free, no-cost, no-obligation inspection, or click here to get started. Our expert team is ready to help you with your new roof today.

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