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The Best Time of Year for a Roof Replacement in Northern Virginia

Installing a built-up roof on a commercial building

Replacing your roof is a large undertaking, so it’s important to plan accordingly. If you know the roof on your business or home needs to be replaced, you may be wondering what time of year you should plan for the work to be done.

At Colonial Contracting, Inc., our roofing experts are here to help answer all of your roofing questions. Our team has created this guide to help you decide what season you should schedule your roof replacement.

Which Season Is Best To Replace Your Roof?

Every season has pros and cons about when to replace your roof. Some important factors to consider include weather risks, demand, and material availability. Our guide is designed to outline the pros and cons of each season, paving the way for you to make a sound decision.


During the spring, the weather will carry mild temperatures and should be favorable for roof replacement. Additionally, a spring replacement ensures that you can be prepared for the storms that will roll through in the summer.

However, the cons include spring showers that pop up in Northern Virginia and an influx of contractor demand as people prepare for summer. Since spring is a popular replacement time, it’s important to schedule ahead of time to ensure your job gets done before the summer.


With a summer roof replacement, while you can run into issues, there are a slew of positives that you can enjoy.

Starting with the positives, the Northern Virginia area is known for dry summers. This lack of rainfall will help you get a roof replacement done quickly and cleanly. Along with favorable weather, the longer daylight hours can allow your job to get done in a quicker time frame than other seasons.

However, there are negatives that come along with a summertime replacement. For example, the scorching heat will prove to be a problem as it will increase your property’s internal temperature during the replacement process. Additionally, you run into a similar demand issue to the spring.


Since Northern Virginia falls are known for changing weather and dwindling daylight hours, fall is not always a great time to replace your roof. Even if the temperatures are comfortable to walk in, they don’t make for a great replacement setting.

With that said, there are still positives to replacing your roof in the fall. Compared to spring and summer, there will be less demand for roof replacement. This will make it easier to schedule a roof replacement with a contractor. Additionally, there’s less humidity in the air during the fall, which benefits workers.


Winter is not seen as an ideal time for roof replacement. In the roofing industry, it’s considered the offseason. This is due to short hours and the chance of heavy snow that comes with living in Northern Virginia. Even if you can avoid snow, the bitter cold will be a problem for any roof replacement job.

However, with proper scheduling and luck with the weather, there are benefits to doing this in the winter. Since it’s the offseason, you’ll have an increase in contractors that are available.

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Since 1997, the team at Colonial Contracting, Inc. has had a proven hand in the roof replacement industry. With decades of experience throughout the Northern Virginia community, we know the ins and outs of every house. We’re proud to serve our community around the clock, offering services through all four seasons.

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