Bay Vs. Bow Windows | What’s The Difference
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Bow vs. Bay Windows: Choosing the Right Windows for Your Property


One of the first things that people notice about your property is your windows. This leaves business owners and homeowners with the responsibility of choosing the right windows to complement their property’s design. To help with this selection, our team at Colonial Contracting Inc. has put together a guide to explain the difference between two commonly confused window types: bow windows and bay windows.

What Is a Bow Window?

Exterior view of a bow window on a home

Bow windows are actually multiple windows, typically four or more, that are placed next to each other to create a curved effect that extends outward from your property. With the bow window, you’re able to not only add a curved aesthetic to your windows, but you’re able to expand the range of view from your property. These windows, made up of multiple glass panes, are a great option for any Northern Virginia business or home.

Benefits of Bow Windows

Bow windows offer a slew of benefits for your property. These benefits include the following:

  • Increased range of vision
  • Better ventilation options
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Expanded design options

What Is a Bay Window?

Exterior view of a bay window with copper roof on traditional brick home

Similar to bow windows, bay windows also consist of multiple windows. However, bay windows will use three windows that connect at angles. While this still extends outside of your property, a bay window will provide a more angular effect than the curved design of a bow window.

Benefits of Bay Windows

With how much a bay window offers, it’s hard to narrow down the benefits. Some of the most common bay window benefits include the following:

  • Additional seating or display areas
  • More angular appearance on the outside of your property
  • Increased natural light
  • Raised property value

Choosing Between Bow & Bay Windows

While both windows can provide similar benefits to your business or home, there are differences that can factor into your choice between the two. One factor is interior space as bay windows can fit into smaller areas than bow windows, making them a better choice if space is limited. Another factor to consider is the design and aesthetic of space, as bow windows tend to offer a traditional appeal to your property. Regarding cost, it will depend on your property’s size and the contractor you choose, but bow windows tend to be more expensive than bay windows.

Choose CCI For Stunning Window Installations

Whether you choose bay windows or bow windows for your business or home, let the team at Colonial Contracting, Inc. handle your window installation in Northern Virginia. We’ve been pioneers of the industry since 1997, providing guidance and superior craftsmanship for your home’s window installation.

Contact Colonial Contracting, Inc. today to get started on your window installations in Northern Virginia.

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