Metal roof – the durable roofing option with little maintenance needs

There’s nothing new about metal roofing. It’s been a great option for residential and commercial roofing for many years. And it continues to be an excellent roofing material today.

Originally, metal roof installation occurred using large rolls of sheet metal. Contractors would take these rolls and install a metal roof using onsite fabrication techniques. While this may not meet today’s building codes, those original projects are still in place today on many historic houses.

Today, we have a different method for your metal roofing installation. Our pros use metal panels that are shaped by the manufacturer. You may notice that ridges in the panel create overlapping seams. This method, and options like a standing seam metal roof and fasteners, create protection from the elements.

The metal roofing materials today provide the same great durability and protection for your house while meeting local building department code and modern safety considerations.

Our Metal Roofing Services

metal roof installation contractor

Not sure where to start?

If words like “standing seam,” “fastener,” “roof ridge” and “eave flashing” are prompting more questions than answers, we’d love to help. Our team can help assess your project and answer any questions you may have about metal roofs.

With a free consultation, we bring the tools necessary to do everything from assessing your old shingles to taking a measurement (or twenty) to determining the best layout if a roof replacement is planned.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Free evaluation and inspection of metal roofs (metal/zinc, aluminum and more)
  • Free inspections for all repair and replacement work
  • Metal roof repairs including metal panels, venting, etc.
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Metal installation on new and existing buildings

What’s the next step?

If you’re ready to talk fasteners, underlayment, steel, metal and more, give us a call. We can walk through any details that will help you with your roof repair or a new roof. We can also answer questions about installing over your old roof or the need to tear off shingles.

We’re here to serve people with a free inspection and we proudly service Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas and many surrounding areas.


What’s new in metal roofing?

Even with its long history, the metal roofing industry has new things happening. Things like shingles, shake, slate, and tile styles offer options for your home.

Metal Roofing Advantages

If you’re planning to install metal roofing, you may be wondering about the advantages.

These unique roofs often provide exceptional protection and durability over a traditional roofing system, like tar paper and shingles. That’s because metal roofs – both screw down and standing seam – provide quality products and coverage.

Metal roofs are known to be:

  • A durable and long-lasting. roofing system
  • A low maintenance option that requires very little from the home-owner.
  • A versatile option that comes in different sizes, colors and styles.
  • Convenient. Even with the increased cost, a metal roofing panel can sometimes be installed over existing asphalt roofs, skipping the requirement to tear off old shingles. This can decrease the prep cost that usually requires removal of the asphalt shingles and old layers.

What now? Finding a local building contractor familiar with steel and metal roofs.

The last thing you want to do is invest in a new sheet metal roof – only to find that the contractor you chose isn’t familiar with the difference between steel panels, traditional shingles, and an asphalt roof. You need an expert with a solid reputation in your community and on the web. Installation must be done properly to ensure that you get all the benefits of your investment.

For starters, review testimonials from real customers online and check out sites like the Better Business Bureau for reputable companies. It’s worth the time to research the best professional for you – before you start any project.

A professional contractor should offer a free – onsite – inspection to determine what your home needs. Pros typically don’t charge for completing an assessment. And while they’re there, be sure to ask any questions you have.

An expert should be able to take the edge off any concerns you have and know the differences between asphalt shingles and a standing seam metal roof. Whether you have questions about layers, a drip edge or shingles, you’ll know if you have the right contractor when they take the time to listen to you and respond with educated answers.

At CCI, we have trained professionals with years of experience and training (that can easily explain the difference between a standing seam and asphalt roof), and we love serving our customers. We recognize that installing a roof is a big investment in your home. We never want to extend the length of your project or press pause because of an error so we are happy to take the time upfront to understand your needs and discuss your options.

To start your free assessment, give us a call.

What’s the cost?

If you’ve Googled the cost to install a metal roof or watched videos on these unique panel systems, then you likely know that they are more expensive than the traditional shingles and roofing nails. They are made from various quality materials, like steel, and can require intricate installation techniques, like a standing seam. Even accommodating roof vents can be more difficult for a roofer installing a steel project.

That being said, the total cost depends on more than just your venting system. Part of our assessment includes a look at your existing system, asphalt roof, steel or shingles, and a review of all the details of your home. From size to style to slope – all of these factors can increase or decrease the cost of your system.

During an inspection, we take all of the factors, even down to the edge of your roof, in addition to the cost of your new steel or metal materials. If we need to tear off shingles or prepare for extra staging because of the slope, we’ll include that in your quote along with the new cost for a standing seam or expose fastener metal roof.

If you’re curious about what metal roofing materials are right for your home, give us a call!

CCI specializes in metal roofing, as well as other types of roofing systems. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all of your roofing needs, including roof repair, roof replacement and roof installation in Chantilly, Haymarket, Manassas, Sterling, Leesburg, Ashburn, Reston, Gainesville, Bristow, Centreville and nearby. 

Give us a call at 703-754-9551 or contact us online to meet with one of our experts today.

Metal Roofing FAQ

frequently asked questions about metal roofing

So why metal roofing? In our experience, many property owners often replace traditional shingles with the same, rather than considering a steel or asphalt roof. While cost may be a factor, your views on steel may change when you understand the long-term value. Enhanced performance and longevity may be the right investment if you plan to keep your property for the long haul or want to increase its value.

Check our compilation of frequently asked questions below to learn more about Metal Roofing.

Will a metal roof actually last longer than other roofing alternatives, like asphalt shingles?

Absolutely! Your typical asphalt shingle roof, if exposed to severe weather, can deteriorate over time. If you live in an area that receives intense sunlight or heavy snowfall, your roof will likely wear out in approximately 15-20 years. Alternatively, these same factors don’t impact metal roofing in the same way. It handles weather extremes like a champ, often lasting 40-60 years in contrast.

Is a metal roof more expensive than a traditional option?

Yes. When planning for a new roof, whether shingles or steel, the same type of factors go into your total cost. These include the size of your roof and the pitch. Are there steep areas (that cost more)? How many valleys, ridges, skylights and dormers are included? If you’re comparing the same type and size of roof between options, expect the metal roof to cost approximately two to three times as much as an asphalt shingle roof. Keep in mind that life expectancy is also two to three times that of a traditional roof. So the upfront cost and installation may be more, but over time it is comparable to a traditional roof.

A metal roof is typically about the same as tile roofs or cedar shingle options but less than slate.

Will my steel roof hold up to weather extremes?

Yes! Metal roofing has durable factory-applied finishes that make them strong and highly resistant to damage from weather or other factors. For example, if you think of an asphalt or wood shingle roof after a large snowstorm, you’ll think of the home that’s covered in a nice layer of white. But with metal roofing panels, the material sheds snow and that prevents ice dams (which are harmful to roofs) from forming.

In warmer weather, when traditional roofing degrades in the sunlight, metal roofing can withstand the harsh temperature just fine. Metal roofing can also withstand high winds and when installed properly, it often exceeds building code requirements. It won’t uplift in high winds like traditional asphalt shingles. As you might expect, one of the only weather conditions that can damage a metal roof is hail. Metal roofs are susceptible to denting, but the damaged panels can usually be replaced easily if that occurs.

Surviving weather extremes is another reason that metal roofing can be a better investment than traditional options. While the cost may be higher upfront, the chances of surviving a weather event are much better than a normal shingle roof.

What about the noise? I’ve heard a metal roof can be really loud during a rainstorm.

While that may be true in some cases, it’s normally not true for new home installation. Metal roofs on barns and sheds are typically placed directly over open framing, which will definitely result in a lot of noise (and likely this negative reputation). During a normal project for a home or business, the metal roofing is installed over an underlayment – like plywood or OSB. That protective layer minimizes sound during a storm to about the same level as a traditional roof.

Is metal roofing really “green,” or is that just a common misconception?

Unless you’re signed up for a newsletter on the environmental effects of roofing, it may be surprising to learn that about 20 billion (with a B) pounds of asphalt shingles fill up our US landfills annually. And remember, these roofs have to be replaced more often than metal materials. This is a big environmental concern.

Not only does a new metal roof last longer, but it can also often be installed directly over shingles, which means that it is one more roof that stays out of the landfill. Additionally, metal roofing is made from recycled steel. So when it is time for a replacement, it can be recycled rather than sent to a dump.

If I install metal roofing – will I be able to find the color and style I like? I want to match my home and neighborhood.

We get it! If you think of metal roofs, you might think of silver and more silver roofing panels. The truth is, there is a ton of variety in both color and style when it comes to metal roofing.

If you prefer a long metal panel roof straight from the manufacturer, great! But if not, you can choose metal roofing in any length that actually looks like other materials, including wood shingles, tile, even slate. From there, the choices are limitless. You can choose from a variety of colors to easily match your house and neighborhood. You can also get the supporting material (like flashing and transition profiles) in the same look to give your home a well-crafted appearance.


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