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Hail Damage Roof Repair

We provide expert storm damage and roof hail damage repair for your home.

If you’ve been in the midst of a hail storm, it’s possible you may have a damaged roof. Roof damage during a storm can often cause damage to your home, shingles, cars and gutters.

Frequently, the question we get asked is whether you should replace your roof after the hail. And the answer depends.

Picture the greatest PGA players of all times lobbing golf balls at your roof for an hour. While it might be a great photo-op, it’s not great for your home. This is what can happen to your roof during a hail storm.

The problem with hail damage is that it is difficult to determine. An expert roofing contractor is the best person for you to call. They can provide a comprehensive roof inspection, at no charge. The roofing contractor will determine the severity of the damage to your roof and gutters. They’ll also document the roof hail damage for your insurance.

Expert Roof Repair & Replacement Specialists

At CCI, we provide the following services:

  • Free & thorough inspection of your roof for storm damage and roof hail damage repair.
  • Our inspection covers asphalt shingles, your metal roof and other roofing material damaged by hail. If your home has things like skylights and flashing, we can inspect it. We’ll also look at vent hoods and vent stacks. If you have a chimney, we’ll inspect it too, along with your chimney caps. Our comprehensive evaluation will let you know the extent of the roof hail damage and what to do about it.
  • Prompt, expert roof hail damage repair services and/or replacement of storm and hail damaged roof elements.

For most of our customers that survived a severe storm with hail, the first concern is damage. This is especially true if you’re experiencing leaks and potential damage to the interior of your home. If you don’t see leaks, you could still have damage. Often, damage can occur right away but not become a problem until later.

Worrying about your possessions is the last thing that should be on your mind after surviving a storm. We recommend calling an experienced roofing company to investigate what occurred during the storm. Our CCI experts can tell you exactly what damage was done and if any repairs are needed. You may also need a full replacement. No matter what, we can explain what is going on and what we recommend. We’ll also give you the information you need to start working with your insurance provider.

It’s important to get a roofing professional on the roof as soon as possible to identify signs of hail damage to your asphalt shingles, gutters and more. Our expert roofers can identify and explain any recommendations. This includes a minor roof damage repair to a full roofing replacement.

After a hail storm, we’re the experts to call!


Roofing Materials Can Experience Damage Differently

roofing material damage repair

Roofing contractors and insurance inspectors have become educated by experience with hail caused damage. We’ve learned that each roofing material requires different assessment and repair because hail affects them differently. What does that mean for you? It means hiring an expert with experience matters. One who has seen it all and fixed it!

Did you know that wind plays a role as well? Depending on the storm, roof hail can do damage to a varying degree on different parts of your house. A passing blow will do less damage than hail that impacts the roof at close to 90 degrees. This means any inspection should include your entire roof, gutters and more.

What to expect during an inspection. Here’s how we assess damage on your roof:

Damaged asphalt shingles

Crushed and dented areas and shingles that are broken and displaced are common problems we find after a hail storm. When crushed, granules that make up the shingles are often displaced, resulting in less protection from UV rays. That results in a shortened lifespan, so it’s best to get repairs or replacement done sooner rather than later. This type of damage usually qualifies the homeowner for a claim with their insurance provider.

Damaged wood shingles

Wood shingles can crack and become damaged from the impact of hail. When this happens, the cracks often show up on the grain. That causes shingles to break and become loose or fall off completely.

Damaged slate roofs

Slate can crack from hail impacts too. They don’t typically follow the same pattern, breaking along the grain, but the result is the same. The roof hail can cause the shingles to break off their fasteners and become loose or fall off entirely.

Roof Hail Damage to Stop Leaks

Fast response roofing contractor

Don’t see any signs of hail damage? It’s still a good idea to get your roof inspected and call your insurance as soon as possible to avoid leaking roof cause damage to your valuable property. High winds that come with hail storms often cause damage, even if you don’t experience it right away. That means that hail-damaged roof shingles could look – and operate – fine after a storm. Until the initial damage causes a problem a few months or years down the road. It’s better to investigate immediately before any claim deadlines pass for your homeowner’s insurance.

A roof with hail damage is one that requires emergency roof repair or roof replacement.

We’re happy to provide free inspections and estimates for roof hail damage repair after a hail storm in Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas, and surrounding Northern Virginia areas. Our team is glad to talk by phone or help you with an online quote

If you’ve been through a storm, CCI’s roofing services can help you get the inspection you need. And the information to make any decisions. Hail can do damage to your roof today and down the road, so let us do the work to help you repair the hail damage and get your life back to normal.


Hail Damage Roof Repair Process

We’re breaking down the process and letting you in on how it works

Local Roofing Expert with Insurance Expertise

If you’ve been in the eye of the storm and are worried about hail damage to your roof, you may be curious about what the next steps look like. The first step is to begin the search for a roofing contractor who understands how to inspect and do roof hail damage repair.

Any contractor you consider should also be able to work with insurance companies. This is important because hail damage is often eligible to claim on your homeowners insurance.

Schedule Onsite Free Roof Inspection

The next step to address damage repair or roof replacement is to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. This is where the contractors come to your home and discuss the roof damage with you. We’ll meet on your schedule so you can be home and meet our professional team member. One of the important parts of the home visit is the opportunity for you to ask questions about the project. After a storm, there can be a lot to consider. It’s important that you feel comfortable asking questions about the repair services, storm and hail damage and new roof potential.

At CCI, we understand that roof repair costs can be high, which is why we offer a no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection and estimate, but another contractor may not. Ask first, before they show up at your door to avoid any unexpected surprises. You don’t want to have a great meeting and get the information you need, only to get a bill after the fact.

You can find a roofing company by doing a zip code search online or asking for referrals to contractors from people you trust. Don’t just Google “hail damage to roof” or “roof hail” and trust the first person to come up. Before choosing a contractor to work with for your project, take time to research their reputation, reviews and history. One good place to do this is the Better Business Bureau.

A roof project can be a big investment and you want a contractor that will provide exceptional service, expert installation and ongoing support throughout the project. In the roofing business, many new contractors often show up after a big hail storm (“storm chasers”). They take advantage of the increased need for roof inspection and  roof hail damage repair. Take your time to find someone you trust, that has been around and has a solid reputation in the community. Don’t choose a company that is brand new just because they offer a great deal.

Get Professional & Fair Roof Repair Estimate

After the onsite inspection, you will get an estimate from the contractor you chose (or multiple contractors). This estimate should include a report of the hail damage that occurred to your home and gutters. At CCI, we use industry software and practices. This ensures you get the information about the roof hail damage that you need to file a claim with your insurance company, if applicable.

Next, after a contract is signed for the roof repair or new roof and gutters, the CCI process includes a pre-construction meeting. We take the time to address your questions and concerns about the roof project during this meeting, including how to ensure we protect your landscape, personal property and more. The last thing we want to do is cause any more damage than what you’ve already sustained to your home!

At CCI, it is important that you feel comfortable with our service professionals every step of the way, so we’ve developed homeowner resources that involve best practices for roofs based on our experience serving customers.

We understand that communication and customer satisfaction are synonymous since it is virtually impossible to have one without the other so the next step of our process is to prepare for the arrival of our roof crews. We call the night before construction starts to let you know that the project manager – and his or her crew – will be there the next morning. This helps you prepare as well – by moving any potential cars that might be blocked in by the roof materials, like shingles. Or by bringing in any personal items you don’t want to be left out during construction on your roof.

Roof Repair Work Begins

Once our project manager checks in the next morning, it’s time to get to work on your roof and fix the hail damage! During the project, your safety is of utmost concern. Our crew will provide protection for areas that require it, like driveways and place safety cones and construction tape if needed. During a roof damage repair or replacement, we will likely be removing roof materials and shingles from the hail damage before we begin the process of repairing the roof. Our intention is to encourage anyone not associated with our expert team to stay at a safe distance from these tools and roof materials. This helps us keep everyone out of harm’s way and ensures a clean job site during your project.

Project Completion & Quality Control

Post-construction is when we meet again to make sure we’ve completed all the work and you are happy with the finished product of your roof. We don’t want to leave anything undone or any questions unanswered. If we did, we wouldn’t have so many happy roof customers!

Once the roof project is complete, you will keep our contact information in case you have any concerns or questions after we clean up and leave the site. Your project length will depend on the damage and scope of your roof repair or replacement so knowing that you have access to our team after we leave can help provide reassurance that you’ll be well taken care of.

Do you have more questions about our team, storm damage, roofs in general or how to start a project? Schedule a free inspection! We’d love to serve you.


Have more questions? We’re here to help!

It’s important that I can submit my claim to my insurance company. How will I know if they will cover the hail damage/roof?

While nothing is guaranteed, our team has seen their share of roofs. And we know that it’s important for your insurance company to cover the hail damage/roof costs. When our trained field managers comes out to inspect your property, the first thing they do is assess the storm damage. Some of the initial damage can be hidden from view. That means having someone experienced to inspect all the damage – hidden or not – is important. As general contractors and exterior specialists, our employees are trained to know industry standards. And we follow specific guidelines that help us determine if a replacement or repair is needed. We also document the damage using industry guidelines. That means your insurance adjuster can rely on our report after you make a claim.

Did you know that the homeowner is the only person that can legally file an insurance claim? The good news is that it’s not difficult. Once you call your insurance company and let them know that your home was in the path of the storm, you will get a claim number. And we can take it from there. We will meet with your insurance adjuster, which saves time because we can both discuss the damage onsite together. We’ve worked on thousands of roofs with thousands of insurance adjusters on behalf of our customers. Our job is to make sure we repair storm damage quickly and efficiently.

How do I prove hail damage on a roof?

You need an expert in your corner. Often, storm damage isn’t visible to an untrained eye. When choosing a roofing company, make sure to ask about their experience with roof inspections. That includes minor and severe damage and working damage insurance claims. At CCI, we understand that your business and residential property is your biggest asset. We know you can’t afford to miss hail damage after a storm. We take our customer’s trust seriously and hire only expert contractors that have experience in this field.

Is hail damage worth fixing?

Roof repairs are important because they preserve the integrity of the roof and maintain it. Repairs now often avoid future emergencies. When it comes to hail, it’s better to inspect and repair the damage after it happens, rather than wait for a small leak to turn into a big problem. At CCI, our trained inspectors can give you peace of mind with a thorough no-cost, no-obligation inspection. You’ll be able to understand exactly what happened to your roof. And make an informed decision about whether or not to perform repairs or replacement.

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Want to talk prices? Get a no-cost, no-obligation free estimate. We’re happy to look at your roof and complete a full inspection of your hail damage at no charge