Storm Door Installation in Chantilly, Haymarket, Manassas

Get the right solution and protect your front door with a quality storm door

Storm Door Installation

Storm doors help to create a beautiful entry to your home.

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s entryway with a new storm door? CCI offers high-quality storm door installation in Northern Virginia, and we can help you get the perfect door for your home. We offer a variety of styles of storm doors, ensuring you get the appearance, natural light, and ventilation you want.

There are many reasons customers come to CCI for a new storm door installation or storm door upgrade. Along with their energy efficiency and protection from inclement weather and rain, replacing or installing storm doors is a great way to upgrade a home’s curb appeal and style.

We serve customers throughout Northern Virginia and would love to help you find the perfect exterior storm door option for your home. We can determine the correct size, help you find your preferred style, and select a cost-conscious option for almost any door width and opening. Keep reading to learn more about storm door selections, the installation process, and prices. You can have the look, light, and ventilation you want.

Ready to get started? Call CCI – roofing company today at 703-754-9551 or click below. We offer all our doors in Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas, and the nearby areas. Our experts will help you evaluate the options and get the right solution for your home. If you’re interested in a storm door for your home, call CCI today at 703-754-9551 or click below to get started. We offer all our doors in Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas, and the nearby areas.

New Storm Door Options

Full View Storm Door – this storm door is a great option to replace your old storm door or install something new. Full view storm doors protect you from the weather while allowing streams of natural light into your home. While the door frame and hardware for most storm door options vary, a full view door opening is exactly what it sounds like. Typically, you can expect glass panels or tempered glass to provide a view through your new door.

A full view storm door provides excellent entry door protection and often comes with a retractable screen that lets fresh air in when utilized in warmer months.

Mid-View Storm Door – much like a full view door, this option protects from rain and weather and lets in beautiful natural light thanks to a glass panel or two. But in addition to the glass, this door frame includes a bottom panel that gives an extra layer of protection for heavy foot traffic.

High-View Storm Door – this storm door is perfect for lots of traffic, with its steady door frame and limited visibility. A smaller glass panel at the top of the door is typically the only area for light, which is why many customers choose to use it as a back door rather than as an entry door.

How Do You Install a Storm Door?

Once you’ve decided on the storm door type and style, you may be wondering what’s next. A quick trip to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot will have your head swimming with questions about storm door cost, swing direction, a hinge side Z-bar, latch side Z-bar, and more. It may be time to discuss your project with a team of professional storm door installers. At CCI, we help our customers assess storm door cost and take away the stress of learning technical manufacturer’s instructions and instead skip ahead to enjoying your new door.

If you prefer to install a storm door and turn it into a DIY project, here are some general steps to get started:

Step 01:

Start by procuring a few cost estimates for your storm door and materials that the manufacturer may not include. You’ll first need to determine the door swing direction, which simply means the way the door opens. And the proper handle placement, which means which side of the door your handle will be installed on – this will be opposite from the hinges.

Step 02:

Next, it’s time to measure, measure, and measure again the door jamb or door opening. Check the height and the width – this essential step will help you determine if the opening will fit a standard door size. If not, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional to avoid any custom door orders that may not work correctly. We can assess and guide you through finding the perfect door for almost any door opening.

Step 03:

Now it’s time to buy your door! Once you have it, you can decide which way the door will open – most can latch on the right or left side. You’ll use a Z-bar (or hinge side Z-bar), so the hinges can hang on either side.

Step 04:

From here, you’ll attach a rain cap to the top of the frame. As the name suggests, this will help stop weather and water from getting inside. Use a screw on your door’s hinge side, then install the hinge-side Z-bar. You’ll likely need to cut it to size. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use the Z-bar on the door’s hinge side and measure the height of the opening, and the underside of the bar to the sill top. These measurements will help you know where to mark a cutoff – use a saw and a slight slope to the outside.

Step 05:

Now it’s time to close the storm door and get it into the opening space! Close it and push the hinge side against the door jamb, careful to ensure the side Z-bar touches the bottom of the top one. Use a level and adjust the door. It should be level and fit squarely to ensure a solid fit and seal. Use screws to secure this step. Use your remaining screws to secure the hinge side Z-bar (you’ll need to open the door for this step). Screw in the top Z-bar as well, leaving a quarter-inch gap between the top Z-bar and your door.

Step 06:

Test your door and see how you’ve done. The simple way to test your project success? Open and close the door to see that it does so freely. You may need to make slight adjustments to your job, but not to worry. If the door is not working, you can always remeasure and make updates to the install process again.

Step 07:

What’s left? It’s time to install your handle and hardware for your lock. Installing this requires sliding the expander off the door’s bottom and installing the “sweep.” You can remove the extra easily then install an expander using the screws that were provided. The sweep is designed to provide protection for the sill, so make sure the weather stripping covers the sill totally – and evenly. Your door closer can be installed and adjusted to determine how fast or slow it closes.

Step 08:

If you choose to add a screen door to your new installation, follow the same techniques described above. A screen door should take less time after completing the first install.

We’ve covered general guidelines for a storm door project, talking about your door cost, frame, and jamb, hinge sides, a hinge side Z-bar and latch side Z-bar, latch hardware, even screws! We’ve also explained how to measure your door opening and width, but it’s essential to understand that each door project is unique to your home and the product you choose.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully or hire an expert to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Our team can ensure your installation goes smoothly and overcome any challenges that can arise from your old door removal or new installation. Our goal is to ensure you can enjoy a new door that looks beautiful, fits perfectly and closes freely.

Have more questions? Keep reading for common questions about storm doors.


FAQs About Storm Door Installation

Are storm doors energy efficient?

Doors, in general, have a major impact on your home’s energy efficiency, and storm doors are no exception. Quality storm doors are quite energy-efficient and this is especially true if you choose to install energy-efficient glass. Since glass tends to be one of the least insulating parts of your door, this can be a great option. The easiest way to ensure that your storm door is energy efficient is by having a qualified contractor like CCI install it for you in order to ensure a quality installation and tight fit.

What other benefits do new storm doors provide?

  • Improved Curb Appeal: Your front door is a huge part of your home’s curb appeal, and having the right storm door makes a big difference. We offer a variety of styles and colors to ensure that you get the perfect match for your home’s design.
  • More Natural Light: One of the best parts of storm doors is the amount of natural light they can allow in. Our doors come with several different glass options, as well as designs, that allow you to get more light into your home.
  • Better Ventilation: Storm doors are a great way to create airflow in the home, which is why we offer several different screen options. Whether you want top, bottom, or full door screens, we can help.

How much does it cost to install a storm door?

Your storm door purchase can vary depending on the styles you select for the door and hardware. Typically, storm doors with labor costs range from $350 to $950. While this is a large cost range, keep in mind that there are multiple styles to select from, which can dramatically affect the prices you will pay. The best way to find a good match is to talk with a professional contractor like CCI, who can offer a free consultation to help you get the best cost option for your home and budget.

Is it difficult to install a storm door?

If you’re thinking about completing a door installation job yourself, review our instructions above. While not impossible to DIY a new storm door, it does require an understanding of how to measure width and height within the door frame perfectly, a familiarity with terms like latch side and z bar, as well as understanding the difference between different z bars and latch options. The process may be more tedious if you plan to install keyed entries or special features that require you to measure and install more than just the door. You will also need to have the necessary power tools on-site to measure, cut, and ensure screws, nails, etc., are installed to withstand time and weather. If you’re not 100% comfortable, trust an expert like CCI. We have an experienced team to serve you – and we offer competitive prices that can make a professional install worthwhile.

Choose Experienced Local Door Experts!

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s storm doors, CCI is here to help. We provide complete replacement door services, and we’ll help you get the perfect door for your home. Call us today at 703-754-9551 or contact us online for any storm door installation questions. We offer free estimates in Haymarket, Chantilly, Manassas, Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, Centreville, Reston, Gainesville, Bristow, and throughout the surrounding areas.


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