As the seasons change, the shifting weather conditions that can damage your home’s roof change, too. While roofs are designed and built to be sturdy, extreme weather like snow and intense heat can take their toll. Homes in Northern Virginia, in particular, are susceptible to strong winds and hailstorms that can cause significant damage.

Whether you’ll need to replace or repair your roof after weather-related damage depends largely on the extent of the damage, the roof’s age, and the roof’s condition before the damage occurred.


roof hail damage 2Hail is the primary cause of roof damage in Virginia, with violent thunderstorms often generating giant hailstones. Even smaller pieces of hail can strike your home’s roof with enough force to cause significant damage because

  • Hail falls at speeds that can exceed 100 mph.
  • Hailstones are often irregularly shaped and have spikes that increase damage on impact.
  • Heavy hailstorms create a cumulative effect, with hundreds of hailstones hammering the roof.


roof blowoff damageHigh-speed gusts and strong, sustained winds above 30 miles per hour can cause considerable damage to your home’s roof. The resulting damage compromises the roof’s waterproofing abilities, exposing your home to the dangers of moisture infiltration, and reduces your home’s curb appeal.

Windstorms damage roofs in two ways:

  1. Direct wind damage loosens or blows off roof materials like shingles.
  2. Indirect wind damage hurls flying debris like tree limbs or entire trees onto the roof.

Modern, high-quality asphalt and tile shingles have higher wind-resistance ratings than older, deteriorating roofs. Many new roofing materials offer resistance of 100 mph or more when installed correctly by a professional.


Ice DammingBy itself, snow doesn’t cause significant roof damage unless it’s several feet in height. It’s the water that’s created when the snow melts that causes the most substantial roof damage.

When the snow melts and refreezes, it can form ice dams along your roof’s edge, forcing moisture underneath the shingles and flashing. Over time, the ice dams cause shingles to deteriorate. A well-insulated and ventilated attic will help prevent this issue.


Roofing heat damage occurs when the roof’s surface heats up to a temperature higher than the shingles can sustain, causing the material to shrink and crack. Routine roof inspections can help identify sun damage and premature deterioration.

If you need to replace a sun-damaged roof, consider investing in UV-resistant roofing materials, which absorb less of the sun’s rays and help control energy costs.

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